Computer Based Training For Businesses – VoIP and Communication Solutions

The average modern business these days tries to keep up with the latest of technologies; in turn it has to keep its staff up to date too. For the medium to large sized business, one of the newest technological business solutions is VoIP.So What is VoIP?
You may have heard of it, but like many you don’t quite know what it is. VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a communication protocol ( a protocol is a description of the format and rules for the exchange of those message formats) that transports voice communications and video communications over the IP (internet Protocol) network. The internet is a fine example of an IP network where these communications are exchanged.So Why Use it?Although VoIP is a quite recent technology, it has found success among medium to large corporations due to its cost and in its ability to enhance the communications experience.Cost
A single point of voice and data communications, not only puts costs down, but allows for a single place for all communications, making the corporate communication system much more efficient and compact. When a business implements VoIP technology, they can then cut off unnecessary communication costs, such as a business telephone line. It replaces many added costs with one simple one, which enables you to run your company’s infrastructure with much more ease.Enhancing CommunicationsVoIP appears to be the solution to enhancing communication, without spending too much. Unlike other communicative media, VoIP is highly flexible and can be adjusted to each business’s needs. VoIP is adapted for multiple users, thus it can transmit more than one call over the single fast broadband connection – ideal for a company that requires a multiple communications device. There’s no worry about security either, as it is almost completely in place in VoIP systems – all you have to do (this is where your trained technician comes into play) is encrypt and authenticate the data stream.With a high band efficiency, it is also a quick way to connect with business colleagues all over the world. Moreover, with mobile phone technology transforming closer to that of computers, it has become possible to hold conferences on your phone (through VoIP) as well as your laptop.What Training is Available?So to do all of this, you will need some qualified staff to implement, maintain and manage the system. A good candidate for the training will have networking and communications experience and knowledge, since VoIP is a combination of the two disciplines.Since VoIP is still relatively new to the market, there is a limited training options. Cisco, one of the leading certifiers for networks, offers a few good certifications on networking, communications and networking with communications (i.e. VoIP) which are useful for training staff in VoIP, networks and other communication technologies. Computer based training for the Cisco certification can be found easily online as a cheaper option for staff training. Although classes are available, remember they are expensive as well as time consuming and can only be completed at certain times of the year.